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UK Genomics Spotlight: Leading Innovations 2022

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The impact of genomics has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the UK, our world leading life sciences ecosystem has enabled us to rapidly apply our Genomics capacity to respond to this challenge.

Beneath the high-profile headlines, however, there is a hive of activity in Britain developing innovations that extend far beyond COVID-19 and promise to change healthcare as we know it around the world.

A combination of the NHS, a strong science base, a thriving life sciences industry, funding, research capabilities and national institutions has allowed the UK to harness the potential of genomics to transform healthcare.

Additionally, the growth in precision medicine and importance of genomic technologies, along with a focus on preventative medicine and early detection, has driven extensive innovation.

This shows the strength of UK industry, and we are delighted to invite you to explore a showcase of 50+ UK genomics organisations in the new UK Genomics Spotlight: Leading Innovations 2022 brochure.

This has been developed by DIT, in partnership with ABHI, BIA, Genomics England and NHS England.