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ABHI Decontamination Group: Your Chance to Get Involved

Topic : News and Press Type : Briefing

ABHI held the first meeting of its new Decontamination Group on the 3rd March. The group currently represents 33 manufacturers and aims to proactively identify and address challenges and opportunities relating to decontamination and related process (cleaning, disinfection, packaging, sterilisation) and provide updates on critical topics related to regulation, standards, biocompatibility, sustainability, sterilisation modalities, and testing/verification methods. In collaboration with other ABHI groups on regulation and sustainability, the Decontamination Group will also consider the wider global implications of UK processes, particularly as we work towards our own ‘sovereign regulation’. 

The first meeting was very much a ‘getting-to-know-you’ session and has gone a long way in determining the group’s scope and objectives, including:

  • Maintaining awareness of the regulatory landscape.
  • Contributing to standards development.
  • Promoting and influencing decontamination best practices.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders.
  • Supporting the UK as a leader in health technology and patient safety.

The Decontamination experts brought together in this forum will be responsible for generating industry positions on cleaning and decontamination practices, with an early focus on the UK’s green agenda items, bringing together expertise in harmonising standards and guidelines to ensure best practice and coordination across the multiple stakeholder environment.

If you feel that you or your company have specific knowledge and expertise, or would like to know more of the group’s activities, please do get in touch: