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ABIMED MoU Sees ABHI Strengthen Ties With Brazil

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The trade associations representing the HealthTech industries of Brazil – ABIMED – and the United Kingdom – ABHI – have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will facilitate collaboration between the two organisations.

By bringing the work of the associations closer together, the objective of the partnership is to enhance trade opportunities, and to focus on key areas of alignment, including global regulations and environmental sustainability.

Fernando Silveira Filho, CEO of ABIMED said: "Many within ABHI's community are also members of ABIMED, so it is important that we strive to achieve operating conditions that support the HealthTech industry, and, crucially, ensure products are able to reach those who need them most. ABHI supports the HealthTech community to enhance and save lives, and ABIMED’s mission is to improve the population's access to advanced health technologies, aiming at quality of life and longevity. We want the same thing, and, through this MoU, we will work together to achieve this goal.

Peter Ellingworth, ABHI’s Chief Executive added “The UK has a vibrant HealthTech sector, and much like Brazil, it continues to grow at an impressive rate. Many of these businesses are looking to export their technologies to key global markets, and increasingly, our members are telling us that Brazil represents an excellent opportunity for long-term growth. The UK, with its well-established business, academic and research communities, partnered with the NHS, the world’s largest single payer health system, also represents an attractive location for Brazilian companies to come and do business. I look forward to working with colleagues at ABIMED to bring our networks closer together, and to ensure that great innovations reach patients on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Both associations work closely with the regulatory bodies and government agencies within their countries to help contribute to the business environment. The MoU will ensure alignment on key issues that will bring benefits to ABIMED and ABHI members, to the industry more broadly, to patients and to public health.

The areas of collaboration include opportunities arising from the United Kingdom-Brazil Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO); convergence of regulations; standards adopted for technology in both markets, including health technology assessment and digital health; and supporting codes of ethical business practice.

In addition, reports and industry positions that contribute to the advances and evolution of the sector will be shared.


ABIMED - Brazilian High-Technology Health Product Industry Association celebrates its Silver Jubilee this year. The entity represents the interests of 200 national and multinational companies of advanced technology in the area of equipment, products and medical-hospital supplies, which account for about 65% of the sector. The medical device industry has a 0.6% share in the Brazilian GDP, has more than 13 thousand companies and generates around 140 thousand direct and qualified jobs. ABIMED's principle is to contribute to the promotion of a healthy, sustainable environment conducive to technological innovation and the competitiveness of its associates in local and global markets. In the last year, after reassessing its concepts, the entity reaffirms its purpose of providing quality of life for people from access to best health practices. Therefore, their actions are based on three dimensions: Technology, Health and Life. In addition, ABIMED has in its axes fundamental points such as the Sustainability of the System and Business Environment, Technology and Innovation, Ethics and Compliance, the Environment and Social Responsibility and Education.

About ABHI

ABHI is the UK’s leading industry association for health technology (HealthTech).

ABHI supports the HealthTech community to save and enhance lives. Members, including both multinationals and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), supply products from syringes and wound dressings to surgical robots and digitally enhanced technologies. We represent the industry to stakeholders, such as the government, NHS and regulators. HealthTech plays a key role in supporting delivery of healthcare and is a significant contributor to the UK’s economic growth. HealthTech is now the largest employer in the broader Life Sciences sector, employing 131,800 people in 4,060 companies, with a combined turnover of £25.6bn. The industry has enjoyed growth of around 5% in recent years. ABHI’s 300 members account for approximately 80% of the sector by value.