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Secured Ferry Capacity Update & DHSC Dedicated Shipping Channel Webinar

Suppliers who have registered to use the Government Secured Ferry Capacity will this week have received a copy of a handbook guide to ticketing and registration. For those who have not registered, and wish to use these routes, please contact mdcc-contingencyplanning@dhsc.gov.uk  
Please note that this registration is different to the one for the Dedicated Shipment Channel (DSC), which is for ‘just-in-time’ products that are not regularly stocked within the UK. All suppliers who import finished products are eligible to use this service and if you have not done so already, please ensure you are pre-registered for this service by 29 March 2019. Pre-registration can be completed here.  
The government will also be holding a webinar on the DSC, to provide further information and pre-registration requirements:
Thursday 14 March 2019, 4-5pm 
Register for the webinar here.  
As a reminder, all of the key announcements related to Brexit can be viewed on our dedicated webpages.