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HealthTech's Role Celebrated at ABHI Parliamentary Reception

Last night I was pleased to welcome over 200 delegates to the annual ABHI Parliamentary Reception. The event was a chance for Members, Parliamentarians and stakeholders to celebrate the critical role HealthTech plays in improving lives and supporting the NHS.

In delivering his keynote address, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, committed his support for our sector, describing the "noble mission" industry undertakes in supporting the nation's health.

As detailed in this document developed by Public Affairs Policy Group, HealthTech is integral to the delivery of modern healthcare, however, the results of the ABHI annual business survey revealed that uncertainties caused by Brexit and procurement challenges remain the biggest barriers to growth. These are two critical work areas for ABHI in 2019.

The evening also saw the launch of ABHI's HealthTech Savvy campaign, with 10 MPs pledging to engage with their local NHS Trusts to see first-hand how health technologies are improving the lives of their constituents. For more information on the campaign and how you can engage with your local MP, please contact me at eleanor.charlsey@abhi.org.uk