ABHI Membership

Academy of NHS Fabulous Stuff

Many of you will be familiar with Roy Lilley's excellent blog on NHSManagers.net. As its popularity has grown, so has the amount of replies to the questions Roy has posed to his audience. To collate these responses in one place, Roy and his team launched The Academy of NHS Fabulous Stuff back in 2015. This platform for sharing great ideas and innovative solutions to common problems across the NHS now includes over 2,000 case studies, and enjoys 4,000-page views daily.

We are eager to promote collaborative working between NHS frontline staff and industry. ABHI is therefore recommending Members to explore the Academy’s site and to utilise the index of case studies available.

How to get involved

Members are encouraged to liaise with the NHS providers that are currently using their product or service, to work together and draft 500-word submissions, that highlight the benefits of their work. Sponsorship opportunities are also available to Member companies.

Any queries on the Academy of NHS Fabulous Stuff can be submitted here.