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MedTech Week 2017


MedTech Week is a week filled with activities all over Europe with an aim of increasing awareness and encouraging dialogue around MedTech. Through various events by companies and industry associations, we want to provide a greater understanding of what we as an industry, contributes to society and to the patient. 

Over on Twitter and LinkedIn we are highlighting value of MedTech innovation and how these life-changing technologies can transform the patient pathway. Throughout June we will look at the patient journey from prevention to diagnosis, through to treatment, recovery, and finally, management. Using products and services from ABHI members we will be showcasing the breadth of the MedTech sector and how these innovative technologies are transforming lives. 

Using the hashtag #MedTechWeek - You can participate and contribute to the discussion on social media. Share your story about what MedTech means to you or how your business does contributes to better health.

You can also visit the designated MedTech Week website here


The products we are showcasing:


3M Durable Barrier Cream 

Smith & Nephew PICO 


Forte Medical Peezy Midstream

Medtronic Reveal LINQ  


Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions  

Renfrew Lucenxia Intellis - Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Cycler

Medtronic Soltaire Stent Retriever for Strokes 


CR Bard Arctic Sun 5000 

Medtronic Capnostream 35 Portable Respiratory Monitor 



Baxter Homechoice Claria with Sharesource 

Ingenica Atticus