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Impact of Brexit: 2017 Member Survey Results

In August 2016 we asked you how your business might be affected by the result of the EU Referendum. One year on, we issued the same survey to review how, if at all, views have changed.  

Accessing the NHS and the impact of the weak pound top the list of issues affecting our industry. The survey results show that:

  • 70% of MedTech companies (46% in August 2016) consider the NHS is rapidly slipping away from being an optimum customer
  • 60% (30% in August 2016) state manufacturing costs have increased due to the weaker pound
  • Brexit remains a key priority, 54% of businesses rate it among the most important challenges they are facing
  • Over a third of companies have seen export business increase from 2016.

The complete results can be found here.

Brexit remains a critical matter, a main concern for UK MedTech is maintaining a strong domestic market. This issue has become increasingly important since we surveyed our members in 2016.

We call on government and the NHS to allow greater contracting flexibility to offset increased manufacturing costs. The NHS must take a more long-term, value-based approach to purchasing, not simply buying the lowest-priced product.

Exporters have seen their international orders increase by over a third, and more companies are looking for new markets outside of the EU. Greater practical trade support from government will accelerate this.

We have communicated the key findings and our asks to government and to senior leaders in the NHS. Our focus is to ensure that our sector thrives, both now and when we leave the EU. Thank you for your contribution to this process.