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Healthy Outside the EU: Strategy for a Thriving MedTech Industry

I am delighted to announce the launch of our report, ‘Healthy outside the EU: Strategy for a thriving MedTech Industry’. I thank you for your contribution to its development these past months. Please find the document attached here.

The document outlines how the UK can forge successful international relationships, increase efficiency of healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. 

MedTech has the potential to transform the delivery of health and care in our country. Brexit brings potential challenges, however this series of recommendations will ensure that the industry is primed to fully realise its own potential and seize the opportunities that this time of change will bring.  

Along with recommendations in its formal response to the ‘Building our Industrial Strategy’ green paper, ABHI will be advocating that ‘Healthy Outside the EU’ informs government policy.       

We will continue to update Members accordingly.  

With best regards,