Code of Ethical Business Practice

Code of ethical business practice

ABHI sees ethical compliance as a key subject for the health technology industry, particularly as a means to safeguard the important relationships that companies have with healthcare professionals with whom they work closely in developing and improving medical devices.  For many companies this is a new area and ABHI is keen to provide a structure for companies to work towards the highest standards of behaviour both as organisations and by their staff.

It is a condition of ABHI membership that a company adheres to the ethical standards set out in the ABHI Code of Ethical Business Practice. The Code stipulates the minimum standards which should apply to members’ business practices in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

Complaints under the ABHI Code may be referred to a Complaints Adjudication Panel. Complaints may be made by companies, healthcare institutions, individual healthcare professionals or members of the public. Click here for further information.

Summary of Commitments under the Code 

The Code sets out specific policies on:

  • Quality & Regulatory Compliance 
  • Interactions with Healthcare Professionals 
  • Advertising & Promotion 
  • Unlawful Payments & Practices 
  • Competition/Antitrust & Procurement Laws 
  • Export Controls & Sanctions 
  • Data Privacy 
  • Compliance & Enforcement

The Code covers Interactions with Healthcare Professionals in detail and this section is supported by a Q&A document which aims to provide direct answers to specific questions that may arise.

Comprehensive Guidelines on Advertisements and Promotions addressed solely or primarily to Healthcare Professionals.

Finally, the Code sets out in detail the Code of Business Practice Complaints Procedure and Panel Constitution.