About ABHI


The group works to foster a favourable environment for the development of the Medical Technology Industry in priority markets, promote the value and quality of UK Medical Technology industry overseas.

Chair: Shah Fayyaz, Timesco Healthcare Ltd. 

Vice Chairs:


Peter Worrallo,                  Andy Mears,

Penlon                                Deltex



  • Promote Market Access for Medical Technologies
  • Reduce barriers to trade
  • Support principles of ethical conduct and practices
  • Promote Value of medical technologies
  • Engage and represent industry on additional trade issues that arise from Brexit.

Key Activities:

  • Continue to develop the US trade Strategy including missions to Texas and California
  • Lead the development of a potential ABHI US office at the Texas Dell Medical School
  • Work within the geographical working groups to ensure trade is accelerated in key priority markets
  • Lead the industry’s response to Brexit where related to trade
  • Highlight key opportunities for industry.

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