Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

The HealthTech industry is deeply saddened by the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, and our thoughts are with the millions of citizens that have been impacted. In response, our member companies are providing significant humanitarian support.

The tragic consequence of any conflict, or major global event, is the impact it has on civilians, and in particular, the provision of day-to-day services that we so often take for granted. We experienced this acutely over the past two years as hospitals around the world became overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, and in response to the pandemic, our HealthTech sector was called upon to provide unprecedented support.

There is substantial will, once again, to aid those affected, and our priority as an industry is to ensure that HealthTech products and services can continue to reach those who need them. This includes patients in Ukraine, its neighbouring EU member countries, Belarus, Russia, and all those adversely impacted by supply chain disruption and trade sanctions. The safe passage of HealthTech products to citizens around the world should always be prioritised on a humanitarian basis.