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ABHI is supportive of the NHS eProcurement strategy, which was published by the Department of Health in May 2014.

The strategy mandated GS1 coding and PEPPOL standards throughout the healthcare sector and it’s supporting supply chains. All suppliers to the NHS in England will need to be compliant to GS1 & PEPPOL standards. The Carter Review reinforces this, stating that the introduction of GS1 protocols will allow every NHS hospital in England to save an average of £3 million each year.

We have been instrumental in encouraging members to begin implementation. A survey conducted to measure industry preparedness highlighted significant knowledge gaps amongst some members.

To improve this, ABHI hosted two oversubscribed conferences to upskill members. Speakers from Department of Health, GS1, the NHS, and the MHRA provided details on how to take forward GS1 and PEPPOL implementation.

We also convened the eProcurement Strategy Group, made up of member representatives with relevant expertise to review the strategy and guide industry adoption. The group meets regularly with Department of Health and GS1 and is integral to our engagement activity. The group was crucial in challenging the ambitious timelines proposed for supplier compliance. As some aspects of the strategy are technical in nature, the group has worked hard to provide simple, uncomplicated information to suppliers.

For example, we have received several queries from members in relation to PEPPOL and the provision of data, with regards to the eProcurement Strategy. To provide some clarity on the issue, the ABHI eProcurement working group have formulated a statement on the matter. Members can find it here. 

The group will continue to keep members updated and engage with stakeholders such as the Scan for Safety Trusts, DH, GS1 and PEPPOL contractors as the rollout of eProcurement Strategy continues.

Useful resources:

Compliance timeline for medical and In Vitro Diagnostic Device Suppliers.  

Requirements for how price data should be structured.

Data Dictionary describing GS1 attributes.

Note: DH eXchange is a useful forum to find material and ask questions. To gain access to the portal, you will need to register; please send an email FAO: Frankie Wallace to eprocurement@dh.gsi.gov.uk asking to be registered for the portal.