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Following the country’s decision to leave the EU, ABHI has worked to ensure the HealthTech position on Brexit has been clearly communicated.

From the outset, we have had an extremely high level of engagement with Ministers and officials, highlighting the importance of the HealthTech sector and the implications of various Brexit scenarios.

Both Peter Ellingworth, ABHI Chief Executive and Neil Mesher, ABHI Board Member, Phillips UK sat on the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Board that was created under the leadership of Professor Sir John Bell to identify the opportunities for our sector as part of the Government’s broader industrial strategy.

After discussions with Members and stakeholders we developed our report ‘Healthy Outside the EU’ as our substantive input into both Brexit negotiations and the Industrial Strategy. As Brexit discussions progressed, we revisited the initial recommendations to focus on 16 “essentials” for the sector. The updated document was well received at a parliamentary dinner in January 2018.  

Our robust relationships and recommendations on Brexit issues, such as regulation, trade and manufacturing, give our industry a clear and coherent voice across our diverse range of stakeholders and clear input into the Industrial Strategy.

This series of recommendations outlines how the UK can best forge successful international relationships, increase efficiency of healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.

Top Priorities 

ABHI consultation with Members has brought together five recommendations that represent a clear view for UK HealthTech:

1. Ensuring regulatory stability and leveraging the global reputation of UK regulators

2. Maintaining favourable terms for trading within and outside the EU, along with an integrated domestic policy to support investment, competitiveness and export performance

3. Support for manufacturing, including continuing to address the domestic skills gap and ensuring that the UK can attract the best talent globally

4. Bespoke support for our vibrant SME community

5. Enhanced collaboration with the health and care system.

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The below resources include updates from ABHI, the UK government and key stakeholders.