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Following the country’s decision to leave the EU, ABHI has worked to ensure the HealthTech position on Brexit has been clearly communicated.

From the outset, we have had an extremely high level of engagement with Ministers and officials, highlighting the importance of the HealthTech sector and the implications of various Brexit scenarios.

Our ongoing work includes representation at the Ministerial led European Relationship Group, which, since the referendum, has focussed on protecting the continuity of supply for medical devices and diagnostics, as well as thinking about how future arrangements might best work for our sector and the patients we serve.

The Medical Devices and Clinical Consumables group in the Department of Health and Social Care continues to meet regularly, not only to pre-empt any issues ahead of December, but to apply some of the lessons learned to the coronavirus outbreak. As well as industry-wide meetings, the group also facilitates a meeting of industry associations in the HealthTech space.

Weekly bulletins containing relevant information and advice are also sent from the Office for Life Sciences and the Border Delivery group, and can be found on our Government Updates page. We also continue to provide ad hoc information to members as relevant and Brexit still features periodically in our Friday Blog.

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The below resources include updates from ABHI, the UK government and key stakeholders.