The Restart of Care

The Trust Tracker

To help members plan their business activities on the best possible intelligence, we are maintaining a live trust-level tracker. To contribute to this, please write to NHSRestartTracker@abhi.org.uk

Timeline of the latest news and guidance 

22nd May 2020

HSJ: The number of cardiac patients attending emergency departments is higher this month than previous years, as overall attendances continue to rise following the record drop-off since the COVID-19 outbreak, PHE data suggests daily attendances recorded as cardiac problems are broadly in line with the number of cases recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak. The return of cardiac patients bucks the overall trend of lower attendances, although the data also suggests overall attendances are creeping back up following record drop-offs in March and April.

21st May 2020

NIHR have issued a statement on a Framework for Restart. of a diverse portfolio of non-urgent research funded and/or supported by the NIHR - including both non-COVID-19 research and important COVID-19. 

21st May 2020

HSJ: Data shows that many ICUs are still running well over their normal capacity with the number of patients being treated still well above normal levels. In addition, the ongoing reliance on keeping surge beds open – with ICUs still spilling over other spaces and calling on staff and equipment from other services — will limit hospitals’ ability to resume normal care, such as planned surgery.

20th May 2020

On their weekly webinar to suppliers, NHS Supply Chain announced they are beginning to increase stock of non-COVID-19 products as the restart resumes, in some cases this may be eight weeks demand. They are working with customers and NHS E/I to assess the demand.

15th May 2020

HSJ: Independent hospitals have been given the green light to start some private and NHS elective work, despite remaining ‘block-booked’ by the NHS in case of a covid surge.

The private sector will remain block-booked under commission from NHS England. However, the national commissioner has triggered the “de-escalation notice” in the contract. 

15th May 2020

HSJ: Interactive maps of local NHS waits around England in April 2020, showing the pressures, with links to all the details by organisation and specialty. RTT and cancer data is for March and A&E data is for April.

15th May 2020

BOA publish guidance on re-starting non-urgent trauma and orthopaedic care.

14th May 2020

NHS England: Operating framework for urgent and planned services within hospitals covering planning, scheduling and organisation of clinical activity, testing of staff and patients, Infection Prevention and Control, monitoring & surveillance and continual improvement.

11th May 2020

ABHI publish guidance on access for industry staff to NHS premises.

1st May 2020

The Royal College of Anaesthetists, Association of Anaesthetists, Intensive Care Society and Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine publish a strategy document to address restarting planned surgery in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

29th April 2020

Simon Stevens publishes letter “SECOND PHASE OF NHS RESPONSE TO COVID19” to NHS regarding restart.

27th April 2020

ABHI announces engagement activity to support the restart of care. ABHI Board subgroup constituted. 

COVID-19 Trust statements

We are aware that some requirements set for company representatives visiting hospitals have changed. Given the changing nature of this situation, this update is not definitive, but the LSI National Credentialing Register is maintaining a list of Trust statements that they are aware of. Last updated - 2nd April 2020.