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Signing up to the ABHI Code of Ethical Business Practice

It is a condition of ABHI membership that a company adheres to the ethical standards set out in the ABHI Code of Ethical Business Practice.

Companies that are not ABHI members may also sign-up to the ABHI Code of Ethical Business Practice. This means that they undertake to comply with the provisions of the ABHI Code and also agree to abide by the complaints procedure in the event that a complaint of non-compliance with the Code is raised against them.

There is an annual administration fee of £50 (+VAT) for companies signing up to the Code. This covers the costs involved in running the systems required to collect and maintain the information on registered companies.

NOTE: Only companies with a registered UK place of business are eligible to sign up to the ABHI Code.

If you would like to register your company, you will be asked to do the following:

  1. Make sure that your company is not already signed up as a CoBP subscriber.

  2. Using the below form, register as the Code of Ethical Business Practice Contact at your company. Please note that we will use you as the contact for information about changes to the Code and any compliance issues that may arise.

  3. An invoice for the amount of £50 (+VAT) will be submitted to you: please pay this promptly.

Once you have completed this process the CoEBP Contact will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of registration and a receipt of payment.

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