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ABHI Welcomes Theresa May's Comments on Access to Talent

At a speech at Jodrell Bank Observatory on May 21st 2018, the Prime Minister outlined the government's mission-led approach to delivering its Industrial Strategy. 

The address focused on the Strategy's "grand challenges", and central to much of their success will be the appropriate access to talent in the field of research, post-Brexit.

She said: "The UK will always be open to the brightest and the best researchers to come and make their valued contribution. And today over half of the UK’s resident researcher population were born overseas. When we leave the European Union, I will ensure that does not change."

ABHI welcomes these comments.

The HealthTech industry is underpinned by world-class research and access to talent is central to that. One of our key asks of our Healthy Outside the EU document is: Ensuring the continued availability of skilled labour and access to the best talent globally. 

We will continue to advocate for this.