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ABHI: The Next Chapter

Today marks a change for ABHI as we launch our new identity. This evolution signals our intent to focus more on how technology improves health, not just how it treats disease. 

Nine months ago, we started our process of change with a series of interviews with Members, health technology companies and respected leaders in our sector, looking at the future direction of our industry. What was clear was that the technology and health industries are converging – brought together by trends like informatics, data, AI and digital health solutions.

We tested these trends with our Members and asked them what an ABHI with a focus on the future looked like to them. It became clear that we needed to evolve, as we have in the past from medical devices to MedTech, and now from MedTech to HealthTech; fitting descriptor for this changing landscape. 

It is important that our focus on the future of health builds on what our Members value from ABHI today. We continue to understand changes in procurement and advocate for a system focussed on value, not price. Our core areas remain: leading access to HealthTech, influencing regulation, supporting growth and building trust. Added to those will be a focus on shaping the future, looking at how data and technology will transform healthcare and the lives of patients in the future.
The potential of health technology to improve and transform patient outcomes is huge. I am energised that ABHI and our Members have the opportunity to shape the future of health and be at the forefront of future innovation in our industry.

Peter Ellingworth, ABHI CEO