Address :
Durbin House , Unit 5 Swallowfield Way,
UB3 1DQ,
United Kingdom
Telephone :
+44 (0) 20 8869 6500
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Description :
Durbin is a specialist distributor of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment and consumables. Working with operating companies in the UK, USA and Singapore, Durbin procures pharmaceuticals, devices and equipment from over 65 countries and distributes to over 180 countries.
Durbin is the partner of choice for specialist procurement, storage, and distribution for numerous global pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, NHS bodies and charities.
Its 150 strong workforce (including 34 in the U.S) possess a wide range of in-house skills and includes pharmacists, medical engineers, commercial executives and warehouse/freight staff. Customers include multilateral organisations, NGOs, charities, government agencies, wholesalers and traders, hospitals, retail chemists and GPs.
Durbin provides services in a number of market segments including;
- Sourcing and distribution of Comparator supplies for R&D purposes.
- Supply of Pharmaceuticals, equipment and consumables and assembly of specialist kits to the global relief and development sector.
- Sourcing and distribution of products for local wholesalers and distributors.
- International distribution of Specialist and Orphan drugs on behalf of Pharmaceutical manufacturers.
- Supply and distribution to Sexual Health centres within the UK
- Importation of unlicensed products for the NHS
- Distribution of unlicensed or pre-registration pharmaceuticals / devices in partnership with the Manufacturer.
Durbin has Project Management, Customer service, Procurement, Warehousing and Logistic centres in the USA (Gulf Coast) and the UK. It also has a client liaison office in Singapore.
The company is fully regulated and licenced by all relevant authorities including the MHRA, FDA, DEA and local pharmacy authorities. Durbin currently has over 30,000 sq feet of warehouse space located close to Heathrow Airport, however business is increasing and Durbin will soon be moving into a brand new Global HQ giving us 50,000 sq feet of office and warehouse space. This will also see us tripling our pallet capacity to 6000, including larger warm room, cold room (2-8C), freezer and controlled drug areas.
Durbin has recently ranked No. 68 in the 2017 Sunday Times BDO ‘Profit Track 100’ list and has been recognised as one of the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 companies to inspire Britain in 2017’.
Products :
Accident & Emergency Devices, Accident and Emergency Equipment, Acupuncture Needles, Acupuncture Stimulators, Adhesion Prevention, Adhesive Plasters, Adhesives - Skin, Administration Sets - Blood, Administration Sets - Fluid, Adult Ventilators, Advanced Wound Care, Airway Products - Disposable, Airway Products - Reusable, Ambulance Equipment, Ambulatory Cardiac Monitors, Amniotic Membrane Perforators, Anaesthetic Absorbers, Anaesthetic Face Masks, Anaesthetic Instruments, Anaesthetic Machines, Anaesthetic Trolleys, Anaesthetic Vaporisers, Anaesthetic/Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems, Anaesthetic/Respiratory Devices, Analgesia Machines, Analytical Systems, Anatomical Models, Aneurism Clips, Animal Care Products, Anthropometric Instruments, Anti-allergy products, Antibodies, Anti-Decubitus Mattresses, Antigens, Antimicrobial Products, Anti-Pressure Pads, Apnoea Monitors, Arthroscopy Cannulae, Arthroscopy Instruments, Audiology Equipment, Audiometers - Automatic, Audiometers - Diagnostic, Audiometers - Manual, Audiometers - PC-based, Audiometric Software, Autologous Blood Devices - Post-operative, Automatic Transport Ventilators, Autopsy Tables, Autorefractors, Autotransfusion Systems, Baby Transport Units, Baby Warmers, Baby Weighing Systems, Bandages, Bariatric Equipment, Bath Lifters, Bath/Shower Chairs, Bath/Shower Seats, Baths, Battery Chargers, Battery Conditioners, Beauty and Skincare Products, Bed Linen, Bedpans and Washers, Beds - electric/hydraulic, Beds - specialised, Beds - standard, Beds (accessories), Bedside Cardiac Monitors, Bedside Monitors, Biochemistry Devices, Biomedical Instrumentation, Biopsy Needles, Bi-Polar Cables, Bi-Polar Electrodes, Bi-Polar Forceps, Bi-Polar Machines, Bi-Polar Scissors, Bladder Stimulators, Blades, Knives, Scalpels, Blankets, Blood Analysers, Blood Bank Equipment and Accessories, Blood Collection Sets, Blood Filters, Blood Gas Monitors, Blood Gas Syringes, Blood Grouping, Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment, Blood Products, Blood Pumps, Blood Warming Devices, Body Composition/Fluid Monitoring Equipment, Body Fat Analysers, Body Fat Measuring Devices, Bone Cement and Accessories, Bone Cement Mixing & Delivery Devices, Bone Marrow Harvesting, Bone Mills, Bone Substitutes & Accessories, Bougies (Single-Use), Breast Feeding Aids, Breast Implants, Breast Prostheses, Breast Pumps, Breathing Circuits - and/or Components, Breathing Systems, Burns Diagnosis, Burs - Single Use, Cabinets, Cameras - Single Chip and Triple Chip, Cannulae, Capsule Endoscopy, Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, Cardiac Pacemakers, Cardiac Rhythm Management Leads, Cardiac/General Purpose Monitoring Equipment, Cardio Thoracic Surgical Instruments, Cardiology Equipment, Cardiology Products, Interventional, Cardiovascular Access Cannulae, Cardiovascular Circuits, Cardiovascular Devices, Cardiovascular Machines, Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments, Carotid Stents, Casting, Bracing & Support Equipment, Castors, Catheter Mounts, Catheterisation Sets - Disposable, Catheters - Angiography, Catheters - Multi Lumen, Catheters - PTA Balloon, Catheters - PTCA Balloon, Catheters - various, Central Gas Pipeline Products, Centrifuge Accessories, Centrifuges, Chemicals for Cleaning/Sterilising, Chemotherapy Accessories, Chest Drainage Disposables, Children's Cots, Chiropody Equipment/Supplies, Chiropody Instruments, Cleaning Devices, Cleaning Products, Clinical Analysers, Clinical Chemistry Kits, Clinical Reagents, Clinical/Rectal Thermometers, Clothing - Disposable, Clothing - Reusable, Cochlear Implants, Colostomy Supplies, Colostomy/Ileostomy Bags, Colposcopes, Commodes, Communication/Speech Aids, Compression Hosiery, Compressors, Computer Hardware, Computer Supplies, Computer Systems Consultancy, Contact Lens Care Products, Contact Lens Solutions, Contact Lenses, Contamination Control Equipment, Continuous Cardiac Output Monitoring Systems, Contraceptive Devices, Contraceptive Implants, Contract/Sub-Contract Manufacture, Contrast Media, Coronary Guidewires, Coronary Stents, Cotton Wool, Couches, Couches - Examination, Couches - Treatment, CPR Equipment, Cranial Fixation Implants, Critical Care Analysers, Cryogenic Devices, Cryosurgery Devices, CSSD Supplies, CSSD/TSSU Equipment, Culture Media, Cytology Apparatus, Cytology Consumables, Data Capture Software, Day Surgery Trolleys, Decontamination Equipment, Defibrillators, Densitometers, Dental Chairs, Dental Devices, Dental Diagnostic Kits, Dental Implants, Dental Instruments, Dental Laboratory Equipment, Dental Laboratory Materials, Dental Materials, Dental Needles, Dental Probes, Dental Prosthetics, Dental Surgery Equipment, Dental Surgery Materials, Dental X-Ray Machines, Denture Fixatives & Cleaners, Deodoriser, Depth of Anaesthesia Monitors, Dermatology Equipment/Supplies, Diabetes Diagnostics, Diabetic Aids, Diagnostic Accessories, Diagnostic Enzymes, Diagnostic Equipment - Medical/Laboratory, Diagnostic Equipment - Ophthalmic, Diagnostic Equipment - Pulmonary, Diagnostic Imaging & Accessories, Diagnostic Lenses, Diagnostic Tests - Adeno/Rotavirus, Diagnostic Tests - Faecal Occult Blood, Diagnostic Tests - Malaria, Diagnostic Tests - Syphilis, Diagnostic Tests - TB, Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Ophthalmic, Diagnostic/Therapeutic Radiation Devices, Dialysis Equipment, Dialysis/Fistula Needles, Diamond Knives, Diathermy Equipment, Difficult Intubation Products, Digital Dictation, Disinfectant Products, Disinfection Equipment & Supplies, Disposable Nappies, Disposable Urinals, Disposables - Laboratory, Disposables - Medical/Surgical, Dissection Tables, Doppler Monitors, Drainage Devices, Drainage/Incontinence Bags, Dressing Trolleys, Dressings, Dressings - Alginates, Dressings - Burns, Dressings - Film, Dressings - First Aid, Dressings - Hydrocolloids, Dressings - Hydrogel, Dressings - Infected Wounds, Dressings - Island, Dressings - Non-adherent, Dressings - Scar, Dressings - Waterproof, Drug Delivery Devices, Drug Delivery Devices - Needle-Free, Drying Cabinets, Duodenal Stents, DVT Prophylactic Systems, Ear Plugs - Foam, Ear Plugs - Pressure Regulating, Ear Plugs - Silicone, Anti-Microbial, ECG Clips, ECG Monitoring Equipment & Accessories, ECG Technologies, ECT Apparatus, Educational Appliances, EEG Machines, Electric Scooters, Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), Electrodes - all types, Electronic Assembly, Electronic Ear Irrigators (Syringes), Electrosurgical Generators, Electrosurgical Instruments and Accessories, Electrosurgical Light Sources & Accessories, ELISA Kits, Emergency Equipment, EMG Machines, Encephalography, Endline Water Filters, Endobronchial Tubes, Endoscope Light Sources & Accessories, Endoscope Washer Disinfectors, Endoscopes and Accessories, Endotracheal Tubes, Endourological Products, ENT Devices, ENT Instruments, Enteral Feeding Devices, Enuresis Alarms, Enzymes, Equipment Consultancy, Equipment Drapes, Erectile Dysfunction Devices, Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation, External Fixators, Eye Drop Dispensers, Eye Wash / Eye Drops, Face Masks, Face Masks - Infection Control, Fall Prevention Monitors, Feminine Health Products, Fertility Tests, Fibre Light Rod Lens Telescopes, Fibre Optic Cables, Fibre Optic Light Guides, Fibre Optic Light Sources, Fibre Optics Equipment, Field Analysers, Filshie Clip Systems, Filtration, Filtration Devices, Fire Retardant Waste Bins, First Aid Kits and/or Sundries, Foetal Monitors & Accessories, Foetal Scalp Electrodes, Foods/Beverages for Special Medical Purpose, Foot Supports, Foot Surgery Instruments, Foot Switches, Fracture Fixation Devices and Instrument Systems, Fracture Reduction Devices, Freezer and Storage Systems, Fume Cupboards, Furniture - General, Furniture - GP Surgery, Furniture - Operating Theatre & ICU, Furniture - Ophthalmic, Furniture - Ward, Gait/Motion Analysis Equipment, Gas Analysers, Gas Filters, Gas Flow Meters, Gastroenterology Measuring Devices, Gastro-Intestinal Motility Products, General Purpose Monitoring Equipment, General Purpose Trolleys, General Purpose/Neonatal Incubators, General Surgery Instruments, General Surgery Retractor Systems, Gloves - Examination, Gloves - Latex, Gloves - Non-Latex, Gloves - Powderfree Latex, Gloves - Powderfree Non-Latex, Gloves - Surgical, Gowns, Haemacytometers, Haematology Devices & Supplies, Haemostats, Hand Surgery Instruments, Headwear, Healthcare Textiles, Hearing Aids & Accessories, Hearing Screening Devices, Heart Valves and Grafts, Heat/Moisture Exchange Filters, Hernia Repair Systems and Devices, High Definition Imaging Systems, Hip Protectors, Hip Revision Instrumentation, Histology Consumables, Holter Monitors, Home Care Devices, Homogenisers/Blenders, Hospital Beds & Trolley Systems, Hospital Door Furnishings, Hospital Doors, Hospital Furnishings, Hospital Hardware (Equipment), Hospital Pharmacy Filters, Hospital Record Systems, Hospital Sundries, Humidification Devices, Humidifiers, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrotherapy Devices, Hypodermic Needles - all uses, Hysteroscopes, Identity Bands, IFT Devices, Image Intensifiers, Imaging Equipment, Immobilisation Products, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Impotence Systems, In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, In Vitro Diagnostic Kits, Incinerators, Incontinence Aids, Incontinence Garments & Products, Incubators (Bench Top) Mixers and Shakers, Infant Feeding Products, Infant Monitors, Infant Resuscitators, Infection Control Products, Infusion Controllers, Infusion Disposables, Infusion Monitors, Infusion Pumps, Inhalation Monitors, Injection Devices, Inoculators, Inoculators (Multipoint), Instrument Care Products, Instrument Trays, Instruments - Disposable, Insufflation Devices, Insufflator Gas Filters, Insulin Pens, Insulin Pumps, Intensive Care Monitors, Interferential Therapy, Intermittent Pneumatic Compression, Interventional Neurological Products, Interventional Radiology Disposables, Intestinal Instruments, Intra-Cranial Pressure Monitoring, Intraocular Lenses, Intravenous Filters, IVF Devices, Laboratory Analysers, Laboratory Automation, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Incubators, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Supplies, Laboratory Test Equipment, Laboratory/Medical Reagents, Lamps - Examination and Operating, Lancets, Lancets - Automatic, Laparoscopes, Laparoscopic Mocellators, Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments, Laryngeal Airways, Laryngeal Masks, Laryngectomy Products & Accessories, Laser Dopplers, Life Support Equipment, Lifts & Hoisting Equipment, Light Sources, Light Sources for Cosmetic Therapy, Light Sources for Photodynamic Therapy, Light Sources for Physiotherapy, Liquid Handling Equipment, Lithotripters, Loupes for Dentistry, Loupes for Surgery, Low Vision Aids, Lung Function Devices, Lung Function Monitors, Lung Simulators, Magnetic Nerve Stimulators, Magnification Systems for Surgery & Dentistry, Magnifiers, Maintenance/Repair of Laboratory Equipment, Maintenance/Repair of Medical Equipment, Mammography Devices, Mattresses, Maxillo-Facial Prostheses, Mechanical Assembly, Medical Adhesive - Sterile, Medical Cameras, Medical Gases & Equipment, Medical Lighting Systems, Medical Packaging and Labelling, Medical Pendants, Medical Pumps, Medical Records Systems, Medical Rinsewater Systems, Medical Simulators, Medical Test Equipment, Medical Textiles, Medical Washer-Disinfectors, Medication Management Products, Microbiological Devices, Microbiological Safety Cabinets, Microbiological Testing and Consultancy, Microplate Readers, Microplate Washers/Fillers, Microplates, Microscopes & Accessories, Microsurgery Instruments, Microtomes/Cryostats, Microtubes, Microvascular Assessment, Microwave Ablation Equipment, Microwave Hyperthermia Equipment, Minimally Invasive Surgery Equipment, Mobility Equipment, Monofilaments, Mono-Polar Cables, Mono-Polar Electrodes, Mono-Polar Forceps, Mortuary Equipment, Mouthpieces - Disposable, MRI / MRI Accessories, MRI Room Equipment/Monitors, Muscle Stimulators, NCPAP Devices, Nebulisers, Needle Holder Inserts, Needle Holders, Needle Protection Devices, Needles - Retractable, Neonatal Incubators, Neonatal Ventilators, Nerve Monitors, Nerve Stimulators/Locators, Neuro Monitoring Equipment, Neurological Devices, Neuro-Mapping Systems, Neuropathy Diagnostics, Neurosurgery Devices, Neurosurgery Instruments, Non-Invasive Ventilation Devices, Non-Medical Education & Training, Non-slip products, Non-Woven Products, all uses, Nuclear Medicine Devices, Nurse Call Systems/Accessories, Nurse Uniforms, Nurse/Staff/Personal Attack Systems, Nursing Home Supplies & Equipment, Nutritional Supplements, Obstetric & Gynaecological Devices, Obstetric & Gynaecological Instruments, Obstetric & Gynaecological Tables, Obstetric Monitors, Oesophageal Stents, Operating Instruments - Specialist, Operating Table Accessories, Operating Tables - Specialised, Operating Tables - Standard, Operating Theatre Cardiac Monitors, Operating Theatre Lamps, Operating Theatre Supplies, Operating/Protective Spectacles, Ophthalmic & Optical Devices, Ophthalmic Imaging Systems, Ophthalmic Implants, Ophthalmic Instruments, Ophthalmic Irrigating Solutions, Ophthalmic Laboratory Supplies, Ophthalmic Lasers, Ophthalmic Measuring Devices, Ophthalmic Probes, Ophthalmic Procedure Packs, Ophthalmic Prosthetic Devices and Surgical Appliances, Ophthalmic Supplies, Ophthalmic Topography, Ophthalmic Viscoelastics, Ophthalmoscopes, Optical Storage Technology, Optometric Equipment, Optometric Imaging Systems, Orthodontic Materials & Supplies, Orthopaedic Devices, Orthopaedic Footwear, Orthopaedic Implants, Orthopaedic Instruments, Orthopaedic Prostheses, Orthopaedic Supplies, Orthopaedic Trauma Devices, Orthotic Products, Ostomy Bags, Ostomy Care Products, OTC Products, Otoscopes, Ovens, Overbed Tables, Overhead and Mobile Hoists, Oxygen Conservers, Oxygen Delivery Devices, Oxygen Delivery Services, Oxygen Flowmeters, Oxygen Generators, Oxygen Headboxes, Oxygen Masks, Oxygen Monitors, Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Systems - Portable, Oxygen Therapy Supplies, Paediatric Beds, Paediatric Devices, Paediatric Monitors, Paediatric Ventilators, Pain Management, Pathology Equipment, Patient Alarms - all uses, Patient Cleansing Products, Patient Clothing, Patient Elevators & Hoists, Patient Entertainment Systems, Patient Hoists, Patient Identification, Patient Isolators, Patient Lifting Aids, Patient Monitoring Systems, Patient Plates for Diathermy, Patient Positioners, Patient Transport Equipment, Patient Trolleys, Patient Wipes, Patient Wristbands, PCR Consumables, PCR Instruments, Peak Flow Meters, Peep Valves, Perfusion Devices, Personal Protection Equipment, Phaco Emulsification, Pharmaceutical Products, Pharmacy Apparatus, Pharmacy Supplies, Photo-Therapy Devices, Physiotherapy Equipment, Physiotherapy Supplies, Piped Gas Systems, Pipettes, Pipettes - Electric/Electronic, Plastic and Oral Instruments, Plastic Surgery Implants & Devices, Plastic Surgery Instruments, Podiatric Surgery Instruments, Podiatry/Podology Supplies, Point of Care Diagnostics, Portable Sterilisers, Portable/Ultrasonic Nebulisers, Portering Equipment, Post Mortem Instruments, Power Drills & Saws, Power Supplies /Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Pre Term Intubation Products, Precision Surgical Drills, Pre-Owned & Refurbished Medical Equipment, Pressure Infuser Bags, Pressure Reducing Mattresses, Overlays and/or Cushions, Pressure Relief Products, Pressure Sore Prevention Aids, Pressure Transducers, Probes - Medical/Surgical, Proctology Instruments, Proctoscopes - Disposable, Prosthetic/Orthotic Products, Protective Cases and Bags, Protective Clothing, PTFE Membranes, PTFE Porous Products, Other, Pulmonary Function Filters, Pulse Oximeter Sensor Tester, Pulse Oximetry Monitors, Pulse Oximetry Probes/Cables, Pulse Oximetry, NIBP, Foetal Heart Simulators, Pumps, Punctum Plugs, Pupilometers, Radiation Protection Accessories, Radiation Protection Systems, Radio Frequency Generators, Rail Systems, Rapid Test Technology, Rebreathing/Reservoir Bags, Refraction Equipment for Ophthalmology, Refractometers, Refrigeration Equipment/Cold Rooms & Accessories, Rehabilitation Equipment, Rehabilitation Supplies, Repair/Refurbishment Service, Respiration Monitors and Equipment, Resuscitation Devices, Resuscitation Equipment, Resuscitation Supplies, Resuscitation Trolleys, Retinoscopes, Reusable Continence GarmentsReusable Continence Garments, Reusable Instruments, Reusable Textiles, Safety Cabinets, Safety Equipment, Saw Blades - Single Use, Scar Management Products, Scavenging Devices, Scientific Instruments, Scissors, Sealants, Seating, Seating Accessories, Sharps, Sharps Disposal Units, Sharps Protection Products, Sheet Hydrogels, Shoulder Surgery Instruments, Shower Cubicles, Showers - level and easy access, Shrouds, SIDS Monitors, Sight Testing Equipment, Single Use Camera Sleeves, Single Use Devices, Skin Closure Products, Skin Electrodes, Skin Preparations, Sleep Analysis and Monitoring, Sleep Systems, Slings, Sluice Room Equipment, Smoke Evacuation Kits, Sodalime, Software Development (Automated ECG Analysis), Sourcing and Procurement Services, Spatulae - all types, Specimen Bags, Specimen Tables & Storage, Speech Recognition, Sphygmomanometers, Spinal Implants, Spinal Surgery Instruments, Spirometers and Spirometry Equipment, Sports Medicine Equipment, Staining Tables, Standby Generators and Equipment, Staples, Staplers & Extractors, Sterilants, Sterile Baby Teat Units, Sterile Equipment Covers, Sterile Fluids, Sterile Monitoring Devices, Sterile Water Supplies, Sterilisation Equipment for CSSD, Sterilisation Monitoring Equipment, Sterilisation Products, Sterilising Container Systems, Stethoscopes & Accessories, Stoma Care and Accessories, Stretchers and Accessories, Suction Equipment & Systems, Support Garments, Surgical Adhesives, Surgical Appliances, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Instrument Steriliser, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Lasers, Surgical Meshes, Surgical Needles, Surgical Plaster, Surgical Skin Markers, Surgical Sundries, Surgical Tapes, Surgical Tubing, Surgical Tubing - Silicone, Suture Needles, Suture Packs, Suture Removal Packs, Sutures - all procedures, Swabs, Syringe Cartridges, Syringe Needles, Syringe Pumps, Syringe, Volumetric & Ambulatory Infusion Pumps, Syringes - all uses, Syringes - Oral Use Only, Teaching Aids and Programmes, Technical Aids for the Disabled, Technology Consultancy, Technology Transfer, Telehealth Solutions, Temperature Management/Patient Warming, Temperature Probes, TENS Products, Test Tubes, Testing Facilities for Medical Equipment, Theatre Monitoring Devices, Theatre Textiles, Theatre-wear, Therapy Baths, Therapy Beds, Thermal Endometrial Ablation Equipment, Thermal Wraps, Thermometers, Thermometers - Disposable, Thermostatic Baths, Thoracic Instruments, Tonometers, Total Joint Prostheses, Tourniquet Equipment & Accessories, Towels, Tracheostomy Dressings and Tube Holders, Tracheostomy Masks - Disposable, Tracheostomy Products & Accessories, Tracheostomy Tubes/Tracheal Tubes, Translation Services, Trauma Products, Tubes & Tubing, Tuning Forks, Tympanometers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Ultrasonic Dental Equipment, Ultrasonic Scanners, Ultrasound Equipment, Ultrasound Minipacs, Universal Intramedullary Nail Extractor Systems, Urine Collection Devices, Urodynamics Equipment, Uroflow Equipment, Urological Accessories, Urological Devices, Urological Implants, Urological Instruments, Urological Supplies, Urology Measuring Devices, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Systems, Vaginal Dilators, Vaginal Electrodes, Vaporisers, Vascular Access Products, Vascular Embolisation Devices, Vascular Grafts, Vascular Prostheses, Vascular Stents, Vascular Ties, Vascular Ultrasound Equipment, Ventilators, Veterinary Devices, Veterinary Surgery Equipment, Veterinary Wound Dressings, Video Monitors/Screens, Video Products, Viral & HME Filters, Virology Devices, Viscometers, Vitreo Retinal Instruments, Vortexers, Walking Aids, Ward Equipment/Accessories, Washable Continence Products, Washing Machines, Washroom Products, Waste Disposal Equipment, Water Baths, Water Purifying Equipment, Weighing Equipment, Wheelchair Accessories, Wheelchairs - Manual, Wheelchairs - Powered, Wicking Materials, Wipes - Universal, Workwear Garments, Wound Care & Accessories, Wound Suction & Drainage, Woven Products, X-Ray Equipment, X-Ray Filing Systems, X-Ray Films, X-Ray Machines, X-Ray Protective Clothing and Accessories, X-Ray Protective Devices, X-Ray Supplies, X-Ray Tubes, X-Ray Viewers