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Unit 1B,
Harrison Court,
Hilton Business Park,
United Kingdom,
DE65 5UR
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(+44) 1283 732181
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Description :
Ayva Pharma Ltd specialises in exporting pharmaceutical medicines and medical equipment to areas all around the Gulf. With offices across the Middle East we source and supply a wide variety of pharmaceuticals including:

o Branded Pharmaceutical Products
o Generic Pharmaceuticals Products
o Unlicensed Medicines
o Cold Chain
o Hospital Medicines
o Oncology
o Vaccines
o Controlled Drugs
o (Narcotics and Psychotropic)
o Medical Equipment
o Diagnostic Tests
o Sports Nutrition
o Multi Vitamins
o OTC Products
o Health & Beauty
o Medical Devices
o Cytotoxic Medicines

Clinical and Bioanalytical

o Pharmaceutical and Food
o Forensics and Clinical

And what's more, our expert knowledge allows us to successfully negotiate import and export regulations with ease, so you'll get the medical supplies you need, fast.

To strengthen our position in 2016 Ayva Pharma entered into its first strategic partnership with Clinigen Healthcare.

Our initial partnership with Clinigen Healthcare included the exclusive agreement for the distribution of:

Foscavir (24mg/ml) (250ml Bottle)
Cardioxane (20mg/ml)
Ethyol (500mg)
Savene 20 mg/ml powder for concentrate and diluent for solution for infusion.
Products :
Adhesive Plasters, Deodoriser, Clinical Analysers, Viral & HME Filters, Medical Washer-Disinfectors, Drug Delivery Devices - Needle-Free, Airway Products - Reusable, Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Systems - Portable, Dressings - Burns, Dressings - First Aid, Wipes - Universal, Contact Lens Care Products, Anti-allergy products, Contact Lenses, Trauma Products, Peep Valves, Fertility Tests, Sterilising Container Systems, Infusion Pumps, Diagnostic Tests - TB, Diagnostic Tests - Syphilis, Pumps, Medical Adhesive - Sterile, Anaesthetic Face Masks, Diagnostic Tests - Malaria, Medical Rinsewater Systems, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Peak Flow Meters, Inhalation Monitors, Advanced Wound Care, Dermatology Equipment/Supplies, Disinfectant Products, Dressings, Emergency Equipment, First Aid Kits and/or Sundries, Infusion Disposables, Infusion Monitors, Syringe, Volumetric & Ambulatory Infusion Pumps, Microbiological Devices, Nutritional Supplements, Oxygen Generators, Oxygen Therapy Supplies, Resuscitation Supplies, Syringe Pumps, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Adult Ventilators, Paediatric Ventilators, Airway Products - Disposable, Anaesthetic Absorbers, Clinical Chemistry Kits, Disinfection Equipment & Supplies, Oxygen Flowmeters, Oxygen Masks, Oxygen Monitors, Anti-Pressure Pads, Bandages, Dressings - Scar, Injection Devices, Contact Lens Solutions, Anaesthetic Instruments, Oxygen Delivery Devices, Needle Protection Devices, Oxygen Sensors, Oxygen Headboxes, Anaesthetic Vaporisers, Dressings - Island, Dressings - Alginates, Dressings - Hydrocolloids, Dressings - Film, Dressings - Waterproof, Dressings - Non-adherent, Dressings - Hydrogel, Dressings - Infected Wounds, Adhesion Prevention, Water Purifying Equipment, Drug Delivery Devices, Patient Wipes, Surgical Instrument Steriliser, AGSS Systems, Infusion Controllers, Cotton Wool, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Oral Wound Care, Oral Wound Closure, Dressings - Foam, Haemostats, Screening - Drugs of Abuse, Screening - Alcohol Misuse, Diagnostic Tests - Food Intolerances, Diagnostic Tests - HIV, Mobile Hand Wash Sinks, Wash Process Monitoring, Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Product Shortage Supply, Pharmaceutical Products, OTC Products, Comparator Supplies