The importance of the customer experience in medical marketing

22 November 2017
12:30 PM - 16:30 PM

Speaker: Keith Rowland

Great companies provide seamless experiences, seeming to know what customers want before they know it themselves, while others set up fancy Facebook pages and then drop the ball.

Customer service is mainly about process, whilst customer experience covers everything from initial product awareness to final use. The brand is reinforced every time a customer touches the company, from reading the data sheet, visiting the website, calling customer support, working with the field representatives, and waiting for and using the products.

At the end of this short course you should have an appreciation of the importance of the end-to-end customer experience (CX) effort and how the whole company must work together to meet customers’ reasonable expectations and to manage their unreasonable expectations.

Keith Rowland is a Fellow of the CIM and Chartered Marketer, with 32 years sales and marketing management experience in the medical device industry. A former chairman of the Medical Marketing Group, Keith continues to volunteer for the CIM, and will be teaching the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing in 2017/18.

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