Driving innovation - A seven point plan for innovation success

18 October 2017
09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

This workshop will provide an insight into the innovation landscape and will highlight seven areas in which business leaders need to focus in order to drive innovation into their businesses. It touches on strategy, culture, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

This session is for those wanting a practical introduction to innovation and better understanding of what's involved. At the end of the session participants will be in a position to measure innovation performance on multiple dimensions and will have a clearer idea of what they need to do to improve innovation in their businesses.

The speaker, Malcolm Johnston, has been teaching the CIM level 6 Diploma in Marketing module ‘Driving Innovation’ for three years with 100% of his students having passed the module. His interest in innovation started with his first role as a product manager for thermal imagers at THORN EMI, a ground-breaking technology partly developed in a research scientist’s garage.

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