Utilising data within health and social care

20 October 2021
08:30 AM - 13:00 PM

This conference from Westminster Health Forum will examine the applications of data in health and social care and discuss the measures that can be taken to scale up use, develop best practice guidelines, and support adoption across all levels of the health system.

It takes place following the draft NHS X strategy, Data Saves Lives, which is open for consultation and aims to improve understanding around data, address barriers, and develop a new approach to data-sharing following the use of data through the pandemic.

As the Government is proposing reforms to healthcare to support innovation and integration, this conference will be an opportunity to discuss the role of data in addressing key healthcare challenges going forward, and what this approach should look like.

Key areas for discussion at this conference include:

  • the use of data during the pandemic and ways that this can be built upon going forward
  • fine-tuning the approach to data collection, identifying guiding principles, and developing best practice and regulation
  • the use of data at the local level, and exploring the potential for developing population health methods
  • scaling up data use across the health system, and meeting emerging needs around training and infrastructure
  • the role of health data in driving forward research and innovation to improve health outcomes

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