IVD-POC: How to short-cut your prototyping and get to market first

17 June 2021
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

The demand for fast, reliable tests at the point of care is increasing, and with it the attractiveness of this market for mobile in-vitro-diagnostic devices to scientists, universities, start-ups and other companies. The journey from promising assay to a market-ready lab-on-a-chip system can be expensive and take time. 
This 45 minute webinar highlights the main challenges when developing IVD-POC applications and devices and will showcase opportunities to shortcut R&D time, lower costs and get to market first. 
By attending this webinar, you will understand the main challenges in developing IVD-POCs and opportunities to manage these. Participants will have the chance to ask questions to the presenters.
Target group: anybody involved in early or late stage development of IVD-POC platforms, micro-array, lab on a chip, organ on a chip.
Note: If you are unable to attend the live webinar, please register and we will send you a link to the recording.
Fore more information, and to register, visit Festo's website here.