Regulation, Technology Adoption and Growth; How ABHI can help you

24 March 2020
09:30 AM - 14:00 PM

The transition to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) has significantly changed the way companies bring products to market. With added criteria for clinical evaluation, quality management and post-market surveillance, MDR firmly ingrains regulation into the business process.

However, questions remain as to the readiness of the regulatory system, with cost, capacity and competency all called into question. This, before we consider the UK's long-term regulatory position, post-Brexit.

In this ABHI seminar, ABHI's regulatory experts will provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation and what needs to be done to ensure compliance.

Delegates will also hear about ABHI's key areas of work for 2020, covering innovation adoption, digital health and UK SME growth.

This event is free to attend, however attendance is restricted to representatives from companies with a health technology related interest.

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