IHM EVENT: HealthChat with Andrew Goodall

28 November 2019
17:30 PM - 19:30 PM

The November HealthChat sees the IHM team on the road again, enjoying a first trip to Wales where the guest will be Dr Andrew Goodall, Director general of Health & Social Care in Wales and CEO of NHS Wales.

With a wide range of responsibilities across Health & Social care in Wales, including political reporting, this is going to be a fascinating insight into devolved Government health management, organisation, process and efficiency.

How does he establish priorities? What autonomy does he have to strategise and plan for the NHS and social care in Wales? How does he balance practical reality with political expediency?

His is undoubtedly a tough job, juggling increasing demand for services with financial constraints whilst always keeping an eye and ear open for rumblings from the Sennedd.

Come along and hear how he does it. Roy Lilley will be asking the questions and you can be certain of a lively and stimulating evening.

This event is FREE to attend for IHM members.

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