BREXIT: 'What does it mean for the Life Sciences' Summit

20 June 2018 - 20 June 2018

The life sciences industry is critically important to the UK economy: it has a £64 billion turnover and employs more than 233,000 scientists and staff across the UK. It is also one of the most highly regulated and globally harmonised industry sectors, with a substantial proportion of the relevant regulation currently originating from membership of the EU in the form of Directives or Regulations.  The impact of BREXIT is therefore critically important.

City & Financial Global’s 'BREXIT: What does it mean for the Life Sciences' Summit, which takes place in London on 20th June, will examine both short-term and long-term strategies for navigating BREXIT successfully and retaining its current status as a leading Life Sciences Hub in Europe and beyond. 

The summit will bring together leading experts to provide a cross-cutting view of the implications of Brexit for the future of UK Life Sciences, analysing possible scenarios and preparing for the fundamental changes that lie ahead. The event will address the key questions that will help senior management prepare for all the possible outcomes that may arise.

Through an unparalleled panel of speakers and panelists the Summit will:

  • Analyse the strategies available to maintain the current UK’s competitive edge in the sector
  • Help companies to look beyond the current short-term uncertainty so that they can visualise possible future scenarios
  • Focus on R&D investments and how to seize the partnership potential
  • Explain how to foster investments within the UK: Including new tax regimes, flexible investments and innovation
  • Debate the future of EU Research Programmes in the UK
  • Present strategies to modernise the current framework and reduce administrative burdens for Clinical Trials
  • Outline the potential strengths and limitations of post-BREXIT manufacturing, trade, export and supply chain
  • Discuss how to maintain the highest safety standards and manage data, risk management, safety and compliance
  • Look into the future: How to transform the UK into the most attractive market for international new business.

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