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Case Studies

ABHI Procedure Packs Case Study
ABHI case study on the benefits of using procedure packs

Aquadex: ultrafiltration treatment for congestive heart failure
The Aquadex Flexflow system is designed to remove fluid in patients suffering from decompensated congestive heart failure.

Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT)
The aim of CRT is to improve the heart‘s pumping efficiency by resynchronizing the pumping action of the chambers, which is decreased as a result of heart failure.

Fibromax: diagnostic services
Fibromax is a clinical service which uses a combination of serum markers plus patient age, gender, weight and height data, which entered into patented algorithms, accurately determines the level of liver disease without the need to undertake invasive liver biopsy.

Medical Technology Flow Diagram
Medical Technology - Saving Lives & Money

WaterJet: surgical tool
The WaterJet system directs a precise and coherent jet of saline for high preci- sion selective tissue dissection.