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Synapse Electroceutical is a leading UK medical technology company with over 15 years experience of developing and producing medical devices grounded in Synapse's unique, clinically proven and patented electroceutical technology. Our key product Accel-Heal is a certified and patented, pre-programmed, battery powered electroceutical device (Class 11A), designed to improve and accelerate healing rates in patients with hard to heal and on healing various leg ulcers. Clinical trials in 2009, demonstrated 95% clinical efficacy alongside a 15% reduction in costs to the NHS and 27% reduction in nurse visits as a result of application of Accel-Heal treatment. Independent health economics analysis demonstrated Accel-Heal to have a cost per QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Year) of minus £7,696. Visit the Accel-Heal product website at to find out more.
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