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Steris House,
Jays Close,
United Kingdom,
RG22 4AX
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(+44) 1256 840400
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STERIS provides technologies and services that are used to prevent infection and contamination in critical environments, where the safety of employees, patients, and the public is of paramount importance. STERIS customers include more than 5,000 hospitals, 'Fortune 50' pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, civil and homeland defense agencies, and private industries.

STERIS technologies are used to ensure that surfaces, materials, equipment, facilities, and environments are free from contamination and made safer for human contact. These include low and high temperature sterilization systems, washing/decontamination systems, environmental biodecontamination systems, sporicidal sterilants, hard surface disinfectants, cleaning chemistries, surgical support systems, freeze dryers, high purity water systems, and skin care products. The Company also offers contract sterilization services, technical services, testing / evaluation services, and customer education services.

STERIS has approximately 4,500 employees worldwide, with sales offices in 17 countries and dealers in more than 60 countries. Customer support facilities are located in major global market centres, and production operations are found in the United States, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Australia.
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