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1500 Eureka Park,
Lower Pemberton,
United Kingdom,
TN25 4BF
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(+44) 845 850 0445
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Description :
Smiths Medical offers market-leading solutions in the area of Anaesthesia & Safety Devices (airway management, pain management, sharps safety, blood sampling and temperature management) as well as Medication Delivery & Patient Monitoring (critical care monitoring, vascular access plus hospital and ambulatory infusion). Smiths Medical products are sold under the following brand names: Portex, Deltec, Graseby, Level 1, Bivona, BCI, Wallace, Pneupac, DHD and Medex.
Products :
Patient Cleansing Products, Chest Drainage Disposables, Interventional Radiology Disposables, Drug Delivery Devices - Needle-Free, Airway Products - Reusable, Automatic Transport Ventilators, Carbon Dioxide Absorbent, Endobronchial Tubes, Pain Management, Laryngeal Airways, Infusion Pumps, Sharps Protection Products, Catheters - Multi Lumen, Blood Sampling Devices, Disposables - Medical/Surgical, Drainage Devices, Enteral Feeding Devices, Humidifiers, Infusion Disposables, Syringe, Volumetric & Ambulatory Infusion Pumps, Nebulisers, Needle Holders, Operating Theatre Supplies, Paediatric Devices, Paediatric Monitors, Pressure Transducers, Customised/Sterile Procedure Packs/Trays, Respiration Monitors and Equipment, Resuscitation Devices, Sterile Monitoring Devices, Syringe Needles, Syringe Pumps, Temperature Management/Patient Warming, Tracheostomy Tubes/Tracheal Tubes, Accident and Emergency Equipment, Adult Ventilators, Neonatal Ventilators, Paediatric Ventilators, Airway Products - Disposable, Ambulance Equipment, Medical Device Assembly, Medical Packaging and Labelling, OEM Manufacture, Anaesthetic Absorbers, Administration Sets - Blood, Administration Sets - Fluid, Blood Collection Sets, Computer Systems Consultancy, Operating Drapes, Cardiac/General Purpose Monitoring Equipment, Apnoea Monitors, Bedside Monitors, Infant Monitors, Pulse Oximetry Monitors, Hypodermic Needles - all uses, Probes - Medical/Surgical, Single Use Devices, Equipment Drapes, Tracheostomy Products & Accessories, Contract/Sub-Contract Manufacture, Heat/Moisture Exchange Filters, Vascular Access Products, Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment, Patient Monitoring Systems, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Gowns, General Purpose Monitoring Equipment, Blood Warming Devices, Interventional Neurological Products, Sterile Equipment Covers, Breathing Circuits - and/or Components, Blood Gas Syringes, Accident & Emergency Devices, Humidification Devices, Needle Protection Devices, Pulse Oximetry Probes/Cables, Infant Resuscitators, Nerve Stimulators/Locators, Temperature Probes, External Fixators, Cannulae, Sharps, Intra-Cranial Pressure Monitoring, Ambulatory Cardiac Monitors, Ventilators, Cardiovascular Access Cannulae, Life Support Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Drug Delivery Devices, Capillary Blood Sampling Devices, Catheters - various, Medical Pumps