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Value of Medical Technology

As the UK medical technology trade association ABHI aim to increase understanding of the contribution of medical technology in delivering high quality patient outcomes. The campaign is intended to raise the profile of the medical technology industry, and the value it offers to the economy, healthcare systems and most importantly patients.

Our work to represent the medical technology industry on critical issues has focussed on a number of areas:

Issue Based Lobbying

As the UK medical technology trade association ABHI has carries out high profile lobbying campaigns on the critical issues facing the medical technology industry in Westminster and Brussels. ABHI conducted a high profile and comprehensive lobbying campaign at every stage of the Health and Social Care Bill, lobbying both MPs and Lords and submitting amendments to the Bill that would support and accelerate the adoption of medical technology throughout the NHS.

ABHI also provides industry responses to relevant enquiries. We provided an industry response to the NHS Chief Executive’s Innovation Report in 2011.  We made a number of recommendations, including the need for strong leadership and mandate from the top to support and enhance the culture and ability to execute from the bottom.

Stakeholder Knowledge

ABHI has embarked on a multiyear campaign aimed at increasing stakeholder understanding of the medical technology industry. This campaign is focussed on identifying the key figures throughout Government, Westminster and Whitehall, the NHS and patient groups and leading commentators on health policy and increasing their awareness of the importance of the medical device industry in both supporting the UK’s economic recovery and in the delivery of healthcare.
In order to demonstrate the breadth and scale of our industry ABHI have produced an ‘Industry Location Map’ showing the sites of significant employment amongst our membership.