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Commercial Policy

ABHI’s work on commercial policy advocates policies that support the rapid evaluation, reimbursement and adoption of medical technology in UK healthcare systems. Our work in this area is focussed on, but not limited to, a number of key areas:


ABHI are committed to resolving industry issues on NHS procurement, both the landscape and the organisational issues. Work on the procurement landscape has focussed on the role of intermediaries and the various practices of these groups- Supply Chain’s ‘Choice for Health- Direct from Manufacturer Programme’, the levying of ‘additional management fees’ and the practice of charging activity based income.

ABHI’s procurement work continues to focus on the need to create a simplified NHS commercial landscape that will reduce the ‘cost-to-serve’ for suppliers to the NHS.


ABHI is focussed on ensuring that reimbursement mechanisms, specifically the Government’s Payment by Results system, works as a rapid flexible payment mechanism for the NHS.

ABHI not only makes a formal input into mechanisms such as PbR, but also works to ensure tariff operates as an incentive for best clinical practice and not just a means of financial control in the NHS. ABHI is also a member of the Drug Tariff Committee that represents companies supplying medical devices through prescription to the public, as listed in Part IX of the Drug Tariff. Further details on the role of the Drug Tariff Committee can be found here.

Health Technology Assessment and evaluation

The provision of evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness of medical technology is increasingly required of industry.  ABHI works across various HTA organisations, particularly with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), to work towards the adoption of appropriate evaluation methods for medical technology.