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Equality and Diversity Statement 

ABHI is firmly committed to promoting the principles of equality and diversity in all its services and operations and dealings with its members, suppliers, contractors, employees, workers, job applicants and the public.

ABHI wholeheartedly supports the principles of equal opportunities and we seek to ensure that the association respects and includes everyone and that no one is treated less favourably on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy/maternity, religion, religious belief, age, disability or race (which includes colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins).   

ABHI also recognises the benefits of a diverse workforce and is committed to providing a working environment that is free from any form of discrimination and victimisation on any grounds.  

Any form of discrimination or victimisation is neither acceptable nor tolerable.   ABHI will treat seriously all complaints of discrimination or victimisation made by members, suppliers, contractors, employees, workers, job applicants and the public or other third parties and will take action where appropriate.

All employees and those who act on ABHI’s behalf are required to adhere to this statement when undertaking their duties or when representing ABHI in any other guise.